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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I shred?

The disposal of private and proprietary data, without destroying it first, exposes you to unnecessary risks of criminal and civil prosecution, or even loss of your business. Your employees and customers know that they have the legal right to have sensitive data protected. Without proper preventative measures in place, sensitive information may end up in the wrong hands. Often times this information is readily available in a dumpster - where it can be taken by anybody… legally. Privacy laws are constantly expanding and every business is entrusted with information that must be kept private. As a result, everyone has a need to destroy confidential information - personnel records, customer lists, receipts, vendor information, patient/client data, price lists, sales statistics, drafts of bids and correspondence.

2. What makes Alliance Document Shredding different?

Two words - CUSTOMER SERVICE. We have built our company around referrals, based on meeting the needs of our customers. We work in a culture of providing customer value, built on trust and through collaboration. Our employees focus on delivering affordable, proven solutions - not headaches. One example of this is that few, if any shredding companies know or will provide you with detailed information on how much material is actually being destroyed. They charge for a predetermined service schedule. We only charge for what is destroyed above the minimum and we keep records to consult with you on how to control your costs.

3. We have our own shredders, so why should I use your service?

Our customers have discovered that using our service is much more secure and it saved them time and money. It is important that you have recognized the importance of destroying your confidential and sensitive information. We have provided some customer feedback of the key differences between Internal Shredding and Shred Confidential for you to consider:  

4. What does your service cost?

Every company's needs are different…it is impossible to maintain our customer service reputation with a "one cost fits all" price. We pride ourselves with competitive pricing, and more importantly, with our reporting and analysis…we work with you to reduce your shredding and information storage costs because we track all material being destroyed. However, just to give you an expectation, we can provide service for as low as $55.00 for an every 4 week schedule. We have a minimum charge, and when it is exceeded, we charge by  pound. Alliance Document Shredding is unique because we only charge for what is in the security container…if it is only half full, we only charge you for the what we shred. Call us; we are happy to give you an estimate based upon your specific needs.

5. What if I don’t need an onsite service?

We will work with your needs; however, the most secure way to have your confidential material destroyed is to have it destroyed onsite. Call us; we can help you compare the two services.

6. We need proof of destruction. Do you provide that?

Yes. In fact, Alliance Document Shredding  will provide you with a Shredding Certificate of destruction immediately following the service.  Your contact and our Client Care Specialist are required to sign off on the Shredding Certificate. There is no more wondering if containers were missed or if you're being overcharged…with Alliance you will have all the information you need.7. What if I don’t really have that much material?
Any quantity of material is more secure using Alliance and we have the ability to customize the schedule to fit your needs. Whether the service occurs every week, twice a week, every four weeks, once a quarter…it doesn't matter…to us it is always about your needs. If you only require the process to happen every eight weeks…Alliance Document Shredding will accommodate your scheduling needs.

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